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Welcome to my blog. My Little Pebbles is a family business I have started to give my family an extra edge for the future. I was looking at the costs of putting five children through college and a monthly investment account was not an option. We sell many items from Home decor, collectibles, figurines, tea sets, monkeys, lions, pewter, fairies, angels and crystal. We are growing and expanding. I hope to use this blog to expand on my products and things I learn along the way.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Fairy Dust Wand Necklace

We have a new item in the store I am very excited about.
This is a pewter Fairy sitting in front of a moon. Inside the vile is Magic Fairy Dust with a tiny little fairy wand good for one wish. They come in Purple, Pink and Blue. Please check out my ebay store.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

GREAT! Now here's a lady with Guts!

We wish you well.

All I can offer is a thoughtful
Reality Weblog. Ignore Political
"Hot Air". Read 'History' Post.

Good luck! reb


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